Our youth tournament in Pécs can be a memory for a lifetime for every member of the team, for the proud parents and for you, the coach as well. However, for having a perfect experience you also have to consider possible injuries and the comforting thought of having an insurance.

That’s why it worths it to gather information about the various insurances, terms and conditions and other practical tasks. This article lends you a hand so that you arrive to the tournament prepared and well-informed.

Why do I even need an insurance?

Possessing many years of experience in event organising, we can safely say that regarding the frequency of sport-related injuries, being overly worrying is just as pointless as being reluctant. No doubt you are an attentive, farseeing coach who ranks their players’ health at the top. But regardless of doing any sports, it’s a fact that children are relatively more susceptible to injuries than adults.

One of the reasons is that their bodies are constantly and rapidly growing. Their build and their anatomy are just different than adults’. Their reaction time is also different, plus their bones, joints and cartilages cannot be loaded with the same amount of work adults are able to take. To top that, it’s not only intense growth making them more prone to injuries but having inappropriate trainers can pose a risk as well. Children playing in the same team can have different weight or height which also increases injury susceptibility – something you are probably aware of.

A lot depends on the sports field’s safety as well, which – as professional organisers – is our responsibility. You can be sure that we do our utmost to provide a proper environment for you to compete in. Children in your team do not only depend on the safety of the pitch or how much you as a coach have done to make it sure your pupils mastered all the proper techniques in the sport. Sometimes sports injuries are impossible to avoid – in these cases quick and professional medical treatment is required so you had better be ready for such situations. One of the solutions is, of course, sports insurance.

But let’s cut to the chase – should you choose an EU card, a regular insurance or a sports insurance?

The EU card or European Health Insurance Card is a free card which lets you access public healthcare throughout all the member states of the European Union – including Hungary. Now you might feel like it’s more than enough to have the EU card instead of a regular insurance. And while it is true that the EU card is indispensable, it cannot replace travel or sports insurance either. The European Health Insurance Card only covers fees coming with basic medical treatment, but it doesn’t cover extra costs such as air transportation or ambulance either. Insurance, on the other hand, covers all the medical expenses and usually grants a higher quality treatment as well.

Insurance it is, then – but sports or travel?

Actually, both are needed since each can be very important. However, when a player suffers an accident or an injury, it does matter which insurance is applicable to their situation. Travel insurance covers events happening outside of the sports field, such as the city (like a bus stop, the accommodation or even the way there). Sports insurance, on the other hand, covers accidents happening on the pitch itself.

Don’t forget that acquiring your EU card is still important. If a player suffers an accident or an injury during the festival on the pitch, they will need the EU card, a valid insurance and their passport in order to receive medical treatment.

Peace of mind for the team in Pécs

Apart from the basic advantages of having an insurance, you might want to know a little more about the quality of medical treatment at the venue of the festival. Well – you can rely on a perfectly satisfying medical support. Should anyone need treatment in a hospital (e.g. fracture), Pécs has a hospital which boasts a helipad and provides regional healthcare. Experts in several fields are available at the hospital. The venue itself will be assisted by a fully equipped emergency vehicle and a staff of 40 professionals. On top of that, an extra medical tent is set up at the venue for a non-stop doctor on duty.

What’s the ideal sports insurance like?

Now that you’re convinced that in the rare event of an injury you’re in good hands, your “only” task is to find the best sports insurance. There are several options you might want to consider, plus the selection is pretty wide, too. The following tips help you make a good decision while picking an insurance company.

● Choose a sports insurance which is easy to effect and doesn’t require time-consuming paperwork or you being present. The most practical thing would be finding an insurance which can be taken out online. This doesn’t need lengthy administration and doesn’t eat up precious time before the tournament.
● You shouldn’t neglect the fact that insurance companies offer discounts if you decide to take out an insurance for the whole team. Such insurances make administration smoother as well, plus it’s less of a financial burden for the parents since even though it’s cheaper, they get the same service. The money saved here can increase the budget for travelling costs, sports clothing and equipment, too.

● It’s only natural that a good sports insurance should cover as many things as possible, including medical treatment, hospital costs, patient transport or transportation home. Do not take out an insurance without making it sure that it includes all the things you need.

Should any player suffer an injury with finding yourself in a situation where you have to cover the costs of the treatment or the transportation home, you will definitely have to dip into your pockets. Emergency transportation can cost you up to 2-3000 €, while air transportation is between 10-15.000 €. The insurance company, on the other hand, covers the expenses of travelling home and even the cost of a parental visit. And if the parents can be with their child, you as a coach can pay enough attention to the rest of the team.

● While it might sound self-explanatory, you should make sure that the selected insurance covers trips made abroad.

● Ask whether the insurance covers your sports department.

● Last but not least, having an easily accesible customer service is also important. Being able to reach the insurance company’s customer care and its call centre in no time from anywhere in the world is indispensable. Plus, the insurance company should also provide clear and accurate instructions on what to do after an accident.

Something you probably haven’t considered – insuring your yourself and the equipment

Sports insurance for your players is paramount, but you can go one step further. There are insurance companies which also offer solutions to you as a coach. You can also take out an insurance for sports equipment and sports clothing – in case you lose something or things get stolen, you can rest assured you don’t have to deal with any loss of property.

Let’s sum up the essentials:

● The EU card covers basic medical treatment so it worths it to choose a sports and travel insurance along with it.
● We provide high quality medical treatment and non-stop doctor on duty service at the venue in Pécs to give peace of mind.

See you in Pécs!