Our aim at Intersport Youth Sports Festival – as the name already suggests – is not only to provide a chance to play against other teams from all over the world, but to entertain you and your team members even before and after the matches. To serve these purposes we have created the Festival Village at the main square of Pécs where you can choose from an endless list of activities which are suitable for both adults and youths.

Outdoor activities/games and programs

Live table football:

We are sure that you have already played table football, or that you have heard the term table football/foosball before.

However, live table soccer is definitely something, that we are sure you’ve not played before. At this game the players of the table soccer are literally you and your teammates as fixed figures on pre-installed plastic field being tied together in an inflated soccer field. Live soccer is one of the most enjoyable and fun games for you and your entire team, truly depending on good teamwork and cooperation. You must try it!


The very-well known game, ping-pong needs no introduction or room to explain it’s rules. It’s a perfect choice from our endless list of activities, to have a joyful leisure time during Intersport Youth Sports Festival.


Do you know what it is?

We are very proud, that we Hungarians are so inventive, and one the newest examples of that is Teqball. It is played on a curved ping-pong table by foot with a normal sized football and with 2-4 players. If you are doubtful about the global successes of this new game, let us mention two facts:

  • The ambassador of Teqball is the Ballon d’or winner of 2005, who is one of the greatest football players ever: Ronaldinho!
  • The International Teqball Association is one of the world’s fastest growing sport organizations.


Basketball – streetball:

You only need a backboard and a minimum of 2 players to start playing basketball. If you’re already deeply involved in playing this game then playing more, is always fun, but if you’re a professional player of another discipline, than getting to know basketball better is definitely exciting.

Playing one against one or in the setup of 2-2,3-3 or even getting into a battle of a scoring contest is unmissable.

Kicking-scoring contests with speed measurer:

Are you curious to find out how fast the ball you hit/kick flies?

With a professional speed measurer, we can answer your question, so that you have data to prove that you are better than your mates.


A joyful-sporty free time spender game, which can be played literally anywhere. Ask for the badminton rackets and balls at the pre-assigned spots, so that you can challenge your teammates for a game.


Laser tag:

While hiding behind 2 covers, marking the firing lines, you can show whether you can aim and shoot better and faster than your opponent.

The game is absolutely safe, the guns you are playing with work by infra lights that “shoot” your opponent instead of any kind of bullets. The winner is the one who can get the laser dot appear on the opponent’s body more times. It is time to show us why you are the best aimer and shooter!

Eurobungee trampoline:

Being on a “trampoline desk” secured with wires, you can try what it really feels like to have spring shoes and fly up into the clouds with them.


No doubts that one of the most well-known free time spenders is video gaming. At Intersport Youth Sports Festival, we present you the newest games available such as FIFA 20, or NBA 2K20. Separated into 5 different gaming stations we are offering the chance for you to step in the shoes of your favourite players.

Street food-buffet:

Would you like to roll down an ice-cold beer/drink or maybe to have a bite of something sounds better?

We even thought about these scenarios and prepared a food court of traditional Hungarian (of course) and various international street food dish options. The buffet on the main square is awaiting everyone from day to day during the festival. There’s just one question left before you move on: have you ever tried lángos or kürtöskalacs?


Henna painting/ hair braiding

Professional henna painters and hair braiders are waiting in anticipation to fulfil all your desired requests. Get the figure of your sport “tattooed” on your skin or get unique hair braids designed by you and let us post them to our Instagram/Facebook followers.

Festival Village stage

Starting from the 2nd day of the Festival, guest DJ-s are taking over the big stage and are responsible for the amazing vibe every night during the festival. At the very last evening the biggest party is kicking off the roofs, with the hottest new songs and an unforgettable time for all who choose to be part of it.