During Intersport Youth Football Festival the main emphasis is not just on sports, the surrounding of Kaposvár hides a huge variety of possible in and outdoor activities.

By visiting any of these sites, fun is granted not just for the youth, but for the trainers and parents as well.

Come with your team and collect as many unforgettable summertime memories as possible, even off the fields at Intersport Youth Football Festival.


Intersport Youth Football Festival is organised just at the first half of July, when the temperature is way above 25°C(77F). Well let’s just imagine how it would feel, to chill under the sun on the waterside after a tiering match day. Best news is, our organisation is providing that possibility for you and for your whole team for completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Go and enjoy the endless number of in-and-outdoor pools of AquaPark Kaposvár!

While you’re relaxing in the hot tub or in the sauna let the rest of the team discover the waterslide park or the numerous different pools all over the premise.

For more detailed information and pictures please visit: www.viragfurdo.hu

C1 Accommodation European Youth Football Cup
C1 Accommodation European Youth Football Cup


A few kilometres away from Kaposvár is located Hungary’s longest lake, Lake Deseda. You can grab a fishing stick and try how nerve-wrecking that sport is or take a ride on the lake in a cruise.

Inside of the visiting centre is the museum which offers the possibility for the youth to explore the rich habitat of the lake or rent a boat to sail around a bit.

For more info and pictures visit: www.deseda.hu, www.deseda.visitingcenter.hu

C1 Accommodation European Youth Football Cup
C1 Accommodation European Youth Football Cup


If you have been at lake Balaton then you know why it is one of the places to be during the summer, but if you haven’t yet been there it is time you discover the ‘Hungarian sea’.

Enjoy the splendid views of the sunset with an ice-cold beer/drink in your hands, while your team is having the time of their life in the cold waves of Balaton.

You can either extend your staying in Hungary and add a few days for relaxation purposes by lake Balaton, or you can just pop down by the lake only for a one-day visit during our tournament. It doesn’t matter how long you’re planning to stay by the shores of the ‘Hungarian sea’ we are more than happy to organize your trip from the sport fields to the lake. All you need to do is let us know when you would like to go and for how long (days-hours).

We promise to give our best to make sure you and your whole team goes home at the end, with amazing experiences.

There’s only one question to think about! Have you ever tasted lángos or hekk at Balaton? ?

C1 Accommodation European Youth Football Cup


Have you ever driven an electric go-kart? Or have you ever stepped in the shoes of a wall climber?

If not, then the unmissable opportunity is waiting for you to catch it.

Near Intersport Youth Football Festival you can find one of the county’s best equipped entertainment centres offering an endless list of programs, starting from aqua parks all the way to an adult theme park. There’s opportunity for every age group to find a program to satisfy their need to either relax or have endless laughter and joy.

If you would like to spend a few hours here don’t hesitate to contact us and have it organised for you and for your whole team by us.

For more detailed information and pictures please visit: https://katicatanya.hu/


If balls are not just your close friends in your favourite sport discipline, then Fusion theme park is the place for you. Your whole team can fight through the battlefields of a bloody bowling match, or maybe race through the go-cart court but could also let all the steam out in-between the walls of a theme park.

The park is waiting for you with special group discount offers.

For more detailed information and pictures please visit: www.fusion-racing.hu


Waterside and great music? Let’s head to Balaton Sound!

At once with our tournament is happening one of Europe’s biggest outdoor electronic music festivals just on the shore of Balaton, Zamárdi. At the world-famous festival you can enjoy the live performances given by the biggest names of the music industry, such as Tiesto, Marshmello, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren,Rita Ora, Martin Garrix, Kygo, Steve Aoki and many others.

Come and have a taste of a real music festival and get richer with life lasting memories.

For more info and pictures visit: www.balatonsound.com


If you were more an outdoor/adventurous person, preferring to spend your day off hiking in a silent forest far away from the noise of the city, while discovering the forest’s natural habitat, then Deseda is a place you cannot miss. With opportunities to observe some very special species of the waterside and forest birds, followed by a calm boat ride over the lake.

While strolling around the forest you can stop by at one of the meadows, to have special picnic with your whole team.

For more info and pictures visit: www.deseda.forest.hu


Did you know that only a few kilometres away from Intersport Youth Football Festival can be found one of the world’s best equipped horseback archery centres?

Located in the heart of the Kassai valley is Lajos Kassai’s world class archery base where you can discover the now Hungaricum Kassai horseback archery style.

You would absolutely be taken away by a visit at the site of the man who holds numerous world records and can answer every question about the rich Hungarian history. Walking around the premise feels like time travelling 1 000 years back to how our ancestors used to live and have their animals freely around.

For more info and pictures visit: www.lovasijaszat.hu


Only 7 kilometres away from Intersport Youth Football Festival you can have a spot of 6 000 square meters, where you can either brutally destroy each other’s in a paintball fight or in a laser tag battle.

Fight your battles throughout trenches, bunkers and underground corridors to have a better shot at each other’s.

If you felt bad about taking out your own teammates than we can get another team to play against with not just on the fields of the Intersport Youth Sport Festival.

For more info and pictures visit: www.zselicpaintball.hu


Interested in astronomy?

Zselic is the perfect spot to ‘get to know the sky’, it’s deep secrets and wonder about the answers to some of the biggest questions of our universe that can’t be answered by our current knowledge.

For more info and pictures visit: www.zselicicsillagpark.hu


Always wanted to try what is feels to jump out a plane at 4000 m high? The answer better be yes, and for those who are legitimately brave enough to do so, Kapos Dropzone is the place where you should experience the feeling of a ‘free fall’.

Jumping together with a supremely experienced guide, is the best way for you to just enjoy the flight and let the adrenaline take you over.

If you see yourself as a lover of extreme sports, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we guarantee to organise you one jump that’s memory is going to last more than forever.

For more info and pictures visit: www.kaposdropzone.hu


At Balatonboglág Várdomb you can find an adventure park hidden in a forest with a summer bobsled track and the symbol of Balatonboglár the Gömbkilátó (the most unique viewpoint of the valley, just looking over Lake Balaton).

Fun is 100% guaranteed at this adventure park where you can spend even a whole day without realizing how quickly time has passed.

For more info and pictures visit: www.balatonboglarbob.hu


The capital of Hungary is a real gem, which must be visited by anyone who is stepping feet in the country. Spend a few days before or after our festival, in the glamourous capital of Hungary, where you can check out the huge variety of animals in the great Budapest ZOO, or get into one of the world-famous baths or aquaparks and get caught up in the ravishing nightlife of Budapest’s ruin bars.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at  info@youthfootballfestival.org


Have you ever heard of the ‘betyárs’ of Somogy county? If not yet, its time you discover them. This equestrian club is famous for preserving and spreading the traditional Hungarian values, that are closely linked to horseback riding. Meistro equestrian club offers you the opportunity to try out horseriding or for the advanced riders even give professional classes from qualified trainers during the whole year.

For more info and pictures visit: www.lovasklub.meistro.hu

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