As a coach of a youth football team, you probably know that participating in a summer tournament is an experience unlike any other – as it should be. To make life easier for you (and make your participation even easier), we’ll give you some things to consider before you opt in to any summer tournament.

How to choose a memorable summer cup?

  • Save time by choosing an easily accessible destination – like Budapest and our festival city, Pécs.

First thing you should consider is the location of the football tournament. Choose an easily accessible country and city, because travelling together with a group of children under 18 and their keen parents can be very stressful and tough for everybody. Don’t exhaust your youngsters with long travel times, they have a cup to win!

Luckily, it’s very easy to travel to Budapest. By plane you can reach it from hundreds of towns of the world. From the near countries you can also arrive by train. Usually our participant teams arrive at one of 3 near airports (Budapest Airport, Bratislava Airport or Vienna Airport) or the town’s railway stations. Our volunteers will wait for the team at the airport and will help you to find the bus of the airport travel service. In Pécs you can save time and money with the public transportation: because it is completely free for the participants with ID cards. There are also free festival buses during the tournament, playing fields are always near to the players.

  • Pick the best accommodation type – and don’t forget, it’s about joy and adventure too

It does not depend on comfort. Ask your team: are they interested in adventurous summer feeling? (For example, sleeping on the floor and using sleeping bag.) Or they need a little more comfort like television or 24-hour reception? Remember, for the young players a summer tournament is not just a sport event, but a vacation full of fun.

Budget is important but pay attention to their dreams too. We know that a variety of accommodation types is required to give you the freedom of choice, that is why Intersport Youth Football Festival offers your team 5 different categories to choose from. School classroom with low level services, new level school hostels, new hostels, university hostels and 3 stars hotels. We can provide special meals according to dietary or food-allergy requirements: like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free menu or meals which doesn’t contain food.

  • Choose a tournament with different age groups and opportunity to play.

Participation in a tournament offers social benefits for children. By seeing each other’s matches, children of different age groups can learn from each other. They don’t need to deeply interact with other players (like playing in age-mixed groups). Younger children can easily learn just from watching and noticing the matches. The game opportunity speaks for itself: your team probably wants to show its talent.

Here in Pécs the welcomed age groups are wide ranging: U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, and U17. Each participant team is guaranteed to play at least 5 matches, the most successful teams will play more. Your team can play with teams from at least 3 other countries. International atmosphere is guaranteed – our referees came are also from different countries. We have high quality football fields: 12 with grass, 2 with artificial grass.

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  • Safety rules and medical support is very important – check it!

Be honest, a youth sport tournament is not completely risk free for a child, injuries may occur. Like any other team sport, football carries the potential for injury. Be sure that organizers will provide a safe environment. Ask them before registration how they prevent injuries (that are preventable): maintained playing fields, proper equipment, first aid, emergency plan, etc.

There are steps that coaches can take to help ensure that children stay safe during the tournament. Teach the kids the playing rules and make sure that they are physically and psychologically conditioned for the required sport level of the tournament. According to our rules, the team manager must make sure that all the players are insured both on and off the playing field.

In Pécs the public safety is excellent, the whole festival is strictly guarded. In case of injury there is a medical support at the football pitches and regional hospital in Pécs.

  • Take care of life-long cultural experiences – we help you

One of the most important benefits of our football tournament is the internationality. Participants can play for example with teams from Eastern European countries such as Croatia, Russia, Czech Republic or Poland. And they learn about each other’s sport culture and culture as well.

As you know, sport is a versatile experience for a child. It is proven that it helps building them positive self-esteem and gives them fun and happiness. They can show their talents and skills and have a great time together. That is why we also organize skill games and team-building programs. Our 1-week football tournament is a sports camp and holiday at the same time.

Hungary is one of the most beautiful and promising destinations in Europe thanks to its amazing landscapes, historical sights and attractions. Our tournament city, Pécs is one of the leading ones of the Southwestern part of Hungary. The programs take place not only on sport fields, but you can choose from various exciting outdoor activities. For example, ‘Virágfürdő’ is one of the largest spas and aqua parks in the region. The city is also near to the most popular holiday resort, the ‘Hungarian See’, Lake Balaton or Lake Deseda, the country’s largest artificial lake.

Not negligible, that Hungary’s continental climate is perfect for the kids. The average temperature in summer is 25-30 degrees Celsius, it is not as hot as in the Mediterranean countries.

It’s natural that as a coach you would like to focus on your team’s upcoming match. But don’t forget, children are curious, playful and they would like to explore the whole world. Let them have some fun!

Are you interested in our summer football tournament?

Check our website and don’t miss the picture and video gallery to catch a glimpse of the unique atmosphere of the cup! Many of our teams take part the Hungarian event as a part of their international youth sport tour – this is the best sign of their satisfaction.

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